Install Hippo

The Hippo CLI is available as a pre-compiled binary for several operating systems. You can also compile Hippo from source.

Manual Installation

You can download a pre-compiled binary and run it on your PC or laptop. You can also verify the binary using the available checksums and attached PGP signatures. The releases are available on GitHub.

After downloading the Hippo CLI, unzip the package. Make sure that the hippo binary is available somewhere on your $PATH before continuing with the other guides.

You can check the locations available on your path by running this command:

$ echo $PATH

The output is a list of directories separated by colons. You can mv Hippo to one of the directories listed, or by adding Hippo’s current directory to your $PATH.

For Linux/MacOS users: You can permanently add a new location to your path by editing your shell’s settings file (usually called something like $HOME/.bashrc). In that file, you can add a new line that starts with export PATH=, followed by a colon-separated list of locations. Add the location of the Hippo binary to that list and save the file. Then reload your shell’s configuration with the command source $HOME/.bashrc.
For Windows users: You can permanently add a new location to your path by navigating to your system settings (<Win> –> “Edit Environment Variables for your Account”), click “Environment Variables…”, and under “User variables”, select the variable named Path, then click “Edit…”. Add the Hippo binary’s location to that list, reboot your machine, and launch a new console window.

From Source

To compile from source, you will need Rust installed and configured properly, as well as a copy of git in your $PATH.

Depending on your operating system, you may also need to install pkg-config and libssl-dev via apt or other similar package managers.

Clone the hippo-cli repository from GitHub:

$ git clone
$ cd hippo-cli

Then, compile and install Hippo:

$ cargo install --path .

Verify the Installation

To verify Hippo was installed correctly, try running hippo --version:

$ hippo --version
hippo 0.12.0